Care Giver Concern: September

In our last newsletter we asked if anyone had questions regarding caring for their aging loved ones. 

Question: Will Medicare pay for long term care?
I have seen and heard conflicting experiences among seniors I work with on a day to day basis. Today I received a call from a gentleman who had a myriad of co-morbid diagnosis that I was surprised he could even use the phone. The hospital was telling him he was being put out asap. They said it was his responsibility to find a place. Any place, including a shelter. The shelters would not take him because his medical conditions were so serious. He had no money and no family. I have seen people set up lovely rooms in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) due to “care needs” who appeared to belonged in assisted living care. I have seen hospitals offer to pay for board and care while a resource less patient is recovering from surgery. (Of course that does get the patient off their hands). I have been told by multiple families who researched the law that SNF’s are not allowed to discharge a resident without having a place to go. I have seen plenty of conflicting scenarios. So who gets to stay and who must go? Take a look at this article for the answers that concern you.
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