Question/concern: Telling My Boss About Caregiving

This article is a good catalyst in deciding how to handle the revelation to your employer that you need to take an active role in providing caregiving for a senior parent or loved one. The author of a recent article I read suggests that perhaps a grand revelation of her new caregiving status wasn’t in her best interest. I appreciate that the author acknowledges that an employer has an obligation to other employees and the company’s stakeholder to ensure a well-run organization. However, work culture has built in accommodations for the fact that most people regularly go through life changes that need special attention. Whether it be a new baby, award ceremonies, sick children, weddings, funerals, grandchild birth, aging parents appointments and illnesses, etc., there is a natural flow of life events experienced concurrently while being an employee. So, concessions in the work place are to be expected. 

However, companies are at risk in it’s ability to thrive in different ways. The difference is in the type of job, how flexible a job can be, time commitment, how individually imperative the presence of a particular employee is, etc. Even so, making a big announcement that your lifestyle is about to change may make an employer more suspicious and create an increased focus on your performance and office hours. In my opinion, communicating your need to an employer that you need time off for caretaking should be treated like any other life event.  It may be best to treat the situation like a sick child event which is viewed as a more natural, expected season of life however, if you know you can’t perform adequately, facing the issue openly with your employer, is better than being confronted by your boss. If you know the situation will shortly become more critical, it may be best to be intentional. There may be creative strategies like job sharing, or a calculated decrease in hours and responsibility.  Taking the high ground will be appreciated.
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