Welcome to the first blog of Trusted Senior Placement Inc.

My first post is dedicated to Grandma Marie Jepsen who started me on the road to dedicating my professional life to the care and well-being of Seniors. My first job out of college was taking care of Grandma Marie, my husband’s grandmother while I was pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. She delighted me by playing the piano and discussing her life when she was a child and young bride. One day I received the call that Grandma Marie had fallen and been taken to the hospital. She broke her hip and had to have surgery. Though it was difficult to watch her go through this ordeal, I admired the true concern and dedication of the staff at the rehabilitation center. Eventually I took a position there in Social Services and switched my Master’s program to Gerontology. Though Grandma Marie has passed on, I hope she would be pleased knowing that she had such an impact on my life, shaping my future and my passion to reach out to the senior community.

Post by: Teresa L. Jepsen

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